Thank you to ACEs Connection - an AMAZING Resource

This is just a quick note to thank ACEs Connection for the incredible resources that are offered simply as a result of joining the website.

In Vermont we are busy with our "Building Flourishing Communities" initiative, built on Laura Porter's Self-Healing Communities model. We are 18 months into our work and have just secured a second round of funding by being part of a federal grant that our Child Development Division won. We are very small, and have very little bandwidth for anything other than the essential work of getting the word out about the neuroscience, epigenetics, ACEs study and resilience science that informs health development and life-span.

We have had many requests for a link to "our website," but we didn't have the resources to develop and maintain a site.

Then ACEs Connection offered the community sites (or then I became aware of them - I don't remember when they were first offered). I couldn't believe what was offered - not only do they provide the server to house the site, they build it and help you whenever you get stuck. I've had the great pleasure to work with Cissy White, the east coast rep, and she has been unfailingly knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.

I have to name Jane Stevens in this - I don't know whose idea it was to include these community sites, but I know Jane has been the founder and primary driver of ACEs Connection. So thank you, Jane, for your vision and perseverance. And thank you to your entire staff for making ACEs Connection such a resilience-building engine!

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