Buncombe County (NC) ACEs Connection

We are working to increase awareness about ACEs in Western North Carolina in order to change systems to be trauma-informed and to build community resilience.

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The Best Defense Against a Hurricane is Community (CityLab) + Update from Wilmington, NC

We are just beginning the clean up and recovery from Florence. The effects of the storm will be with us for the foreseeable future. But our resilience is showing. Neighbors checking on one another, organizations delivering emergency supplies, and people sharing hot meals prepared and donated by volunteers. We will get through this. https://www.citylab.com/amp/article/570193/?__twitter_impression=true

Shasta County, CA using videos to educate, activate & celebrate

Here are four great YouTube videos highlighting some of the work happening on the ground in Shasta County. They are motivated and mobilized. According to one of the providers speaking towards the end of one video - patients/clients had positively "profound" responses to learning about their ACEs - and they felt empowered to do what they could do to not have their children have the same experience. More videos available here .

Tennessee report chronicles progress in addressing health and success of children from infancy to college and beyond

Tennessee First Lady Crissy Haslam this week released a report highlighting eight years of progress by the state to improve the lives of children and families. Prioritizing Tennessee’s Children: Our Promise to Future Generations reflects an early commitment by Governor Bill Haslam’s administration to make the health and success of all Tennessee children a state priority. In conjunction with Governor Haslam’s Children’s Cabinet and Deputy Governor Jim Henry, First Lady Haslam set out to...

Much More Than Money – The Impact of Small Rural Foundations [Exponentphilanthropy.org]

When most people think of foundations, they think of deep pockets. That’s understandable, since the popular public perception of philanthropy has been shaped by the creation of multimillion-dollar foundations by titans of old, and enforced by the glamour of new foundations launched to much fanfare by today’s billionaires. In rural communities, the creation of big-dollar health conversion foundations garners media attention and sparks public awareness. But as with their mammoth cousins, these...

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