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Welcome, Forsyth County (North Carolina) ACEs Connection!

Introducing Forsyth County (North Carolina) ACEs Connection, one of the newest communities in Southeastern U.S. region, the geographic area I support for ACEs Connection.

Forsyth County ACEs Connection is a team of community partners from all sectors working towards collaborative, intentional and integrated trauma informed care in our county.

The new site manager for Forsyth County ACEs Connection is is Laneita Williamson, who is an inpatient rehabilitation compliance coordinator and a trauma-informed care educator at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. Laneita, a registered nurse, has been at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital for more than eight years, and is passionate about increasing awareness of ACEs and how they affect adult health. In addition to nursing and speaking, Laneita is an advocate for trauma survivors, animal rescue, equal rights, cultural diversity, and the environment. 

 For those of you in and around Forsyth County, or those of you who are interested in ACEs initiatives, please join the group here to offer your voice, participation, and support in person and online. 


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