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Trauma-Informed Telehealth in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond Background: The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) entered the COVID-19 pandemic crisis with an existing and robust telehealth program, but it still faces a fundamental paradigm shift as most routine outpatient in-person care was converted to telehealth visits. Veterans are a highly trauma-exposed population, and VHA has long offered effective telemental health services.

What it means to defund the police -- and why journalists should follow the money []

By Marc Philpart, Center for Health Journalism, July 1, 2020 The United States spends twice as much on policing and prisons as on social services. There’s a better way to keep communities healthy and safe, and people closest to the pain of police brutality are showing the way. In Oakland, California, with leadership from the Black Organizing Project, the school board passed the George Floyd Resolution to Eliminate the School Polic e Department . In Minneapolis, the majority of the city...

Building Workforce Resilience (A Better Normal Series)

As the summer ticks on, the confounding questions around meeting the needs of our workforce in these challenging times remain unresolved for many organizations. In conversations this week I heard the angst: “It’s time to get back to the office. We are following all the guidelines. We have worked to support staff and don’t know what else to do. How can we help staff come along?” As organizations adapt to their new normal, the challenge of choosing from a vast array of resources and...

Even those with disabilities should have a safe place to go: A family's crisis during a wildfire []

By Diana Pastora Carson, Cal Matters, July 8, 2020 Recently, my family had a scare. We had a fire threaten our property, our home in the mountains of Jamul, an unincorporated town in San Diego County. Contrary to most assumptions, potentially losing our houses on the property was not the actual scare. The scare was that my brother, Joaquin, who experiences severe autism and epilepsy, had no place to go. With people with disabilities moving out of institutions and Gov. Gavin Newsom...

Discussion Topics

Question: Please share examples of innovative uses of existing funding to address ACEs and trauma. For example, Mental Health Services Act has a funding category called "Innovative Projects" which might be a way to fund ACEs and trauma related efforts. Are you aware of any CA communities that have found ways to utilize MHSA or other funds in unexpected ways - that have the potential of addressing trauma and ACEs? See below and attached for more background re MHSA. Background: The CA...Read More...
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CA AB 989: Bill to combat Institutionalized Child Abuse in Public Education

AB 989 was announced today. As a survivor and now activist- this bill is a "boots on the ground" oversight program to act as first responders, case managers and provide procedural guidance to victims and their families of Educator Sexual Misconduct and prevent child endangerment by the common practice of cover-up. We will be going to committee in Sacramento within the next month but if anyone is interested in further information or curious about supporting the legisation- please contact me...Read More...

Help our public radio station with a story: How did separation from your parents as a child impact you?

KQED is the National Public Radio affiliate in San Francisco, CA. We’d like to hear from adults (18+) who were separated from their parents when they were children. Perhaps the separation was due to economic reasons, war and conflict, incarceration, foster care, or something else. How did that period of separation impact you in the long-run? How has it impacted your connection to others and how you build relationships? If you're a parent, how does it influence how you parent? We’re...Read More...
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The California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools (CCPPNS) hosts the premier early education conference for the cooperative preschool community in California. The 2018 Conference, "Time to Connect," will be coordinated by the the San Francisco Council of Parent Participation Nursery School (SFCPPNS). When: March 9 & 10, 2018 Where: Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco CA This early education convention draws parents and teachers from around the state of California and is open to all,...Read More...
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