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As Your Stress Rises, We Are Resilient Can Help!

Do you feel your stress rising, especially as COVID and political disturbances are raging?  We Are Resilient is a practical hands-on approach to strengthening resilience and reduce stress. We can all benefit from recognizing what gets in the way of our resilience as well as learn how to practice these practical skills which promote it.
We Are Resilient is particularly helpful forhealthcare providers and staff to be more comfortable addressing ACEs and trauma and provide trauma-informed care. The training helps providers manage their own vicarious trauma and provides anticipatory guidance to support patients/caregivers in strengthening their own resilience skills.  
2 (90-min) Interactive webinars
Wednesdays, Jan 13 and 20, 5 pm PT Thursdays, Jan 21 and 28, 5:30 pm PT
Wednesdays, Feb 10 and 17, 8:30 am PT Saturdays, Feb 20 and 27 8 :30 am PT
or  6 (1-hour) weekly Resilience Circle sessions
Healthcare Resilience Circles for six weeks starting Jan 12 or Feb 18, 6-7 pm PT
Free for Medi-Cal providers and staff.

Note: These trainings are supported by the ACEs Aware initiative, but these trainings do not qualify providers to bill Medi-Cal for ACE screenings. To be qualified for screening billing, please see Core Trainings on the ACEs Aware website.

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