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From California Parent and Youth Helpline, Parents Anonymous, June 2020

Parents Anonymous Inc. is the oldest family strengthening organization started by a courageous Mom and a Social Worker in 1969 in Los Angeles by developing the first and only Evidence-Based Weekly Support Groups for Parents, and their Children & Youth. We are celebrating the Launch of the California Parent & Youth Helpline to address the stress and concerns of the COVID -19 Virus impacting your family.

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HI Lydia- here is our "How To" Directory - look at options for changing email notifications. 
Since our daily digest is sent out separately you will need to "Unsubscribe" to that (find the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the daily newsletter).  Note, the CA Action Action is sent every Friday and you wil need to unsubscribe to that one as well if you are not interested.
Be well, gail


I hope all is well!

I truly enjoy reading the ACEs Connection posts, but I can't keep up; I'm
getting way too much! I thought I altered the settings so that I only
receive the weekly digest, but it doesn't seem to be working. What must I
do to reduce the amount of posts I get from ACEs Connection?

Thanks in advance,

Lydia Vincent-White

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