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Help Me Grow has a new ACEs button on their website


In partnership with SCOE, First 5 has been working on the ACEs Aware Communication grant to outreach to families, community providers and doctors. We utilized our Help Me Grow program (managed through SCOE) as the home base for our ACEs outreach.

Per Julie Gallelo, Executive Director First 5 Sacramento, they were able to leverage the grant funding with First 5 media funds to increase our county digital reach, impressions, TV streaming and geo-fencing (targeting phones at specific locations such as AM/PM gas, Walmart, parks, etc. for a total of 1,100 locations). We will keep you updated on results and additional printed/digital outreach materials. Check it out at

We encourage you to share these resources with your network.

And finally, a special thank you to the leadership at SCOE on securing two ACEs grants and expanding our Help Me Grow program. Such a great team effort!

Check out their new video "Every Child Can Become a Success Story" at;

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