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Many California teens say they don’t know where to find, can’t afford mental health services. Here’s a list of them (


Results come from survey by Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation

Earlier this year, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, in partnership with California’s Mental Health Services Oversight & Accountability Commission, surveyed 485 Californians, ages 13 to 24, about mental health, access to mental health services, and what they’d like to see in that area in California. The resulting report, “California Youth Mental Health: Understanding Resource Availability and Preferences,” was released May 28.

Nearly half of those who responded to the survey – 48% – said they didn’t believe they or their peers know where to find mental health care services. More than a third reported they couldn’t afford the services, even if they could find them. And 37% said they wouldn’t have access to the resources needed to deal with suicidal thoughts, along with 39% who said they wouldn’t have access to resources to deal with bullying.

“The findings in California reflect what we’re seeing nationally,” Smith said, referring to a broader survey conducted by the foundation. “To hear that more than half of young people (nationally) say they probably or definitely wouldn’t be able to afford the resources they need if they’re feeling suicidal, that’s definitely disturbing.”

Here’s the good news: Mental health resources are available, including free and low-cost services.

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