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Network-of-Care: Building a Roadmap Towards Resilience⁠


One of the ways we are expanding awareness of the ACEs Aware initiative is by hosting Facilitated Network-of-Care sessions for Medi-Cal and other providers in Orange County. ⁠

These two hour sessions are perfect for practitioners who want to learn more about action planning and strategic change in trauma-informed care and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on individuals and communities.⁠

Join us at one of the upcoming events on:

  • Tuesday 01.26.2021 - 10-12 pm PST

  • Tuesday 02.09.2021 - 9-11 am PST

  • Tuesday 02.23.2021 - 12-2 pm PST

Learn more and register:

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Hopefully, mention will be made of Primary Prevention, which would involve figuring out how to improve parenting skills across the nation.

Mention is made of Registering, but no means is provided for that, at least that I could find.

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