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On Anthony Bourdain’s birthday, a Sacramento mental health drive he inspired aims to expand (

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As fans around the world Tuesday mark what would have been the 63rd birthday of celebrity chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain, organizers of a grassroots movement in Sacramento restaurants are expanding their efforts to foster a kitchen culture that supports the mental health of its workers.

Head chef Patrick Mulvaney of Mulvaney’s B&L in midtown Sacramento said Bourdain’s suicide last June in part inspired “I Got Your Back,” a movement that pushes for open discussion and easy access to professional mental health resources in the service community – through simple measures piloted at B&L.At the beginning of each shift as employees clock in, they slip a mood card into a box to indicate anger, happiness, stress, and sadness. Right before the rush of service begins, the cards are laid out, and employees can assess the general mood of their peers.

In the next two months, “I Got Your Back” will pilot in 22 restaurants in Sacramento, with hopes to go statewide – and even national.

In the next two months, “I Got Your Back” will pilot in 22 restaurants in Sacramento. They include Taylor’s Kitchen, Mother, Empress, Binchoyaki, Scott’s Seafood, Selland’s East Sac, Selland’s Broadway, Selland’s El Dorado, Ella Dining Room and Bar, OBO’ Italian Table & Bar, The Kitchen, Canon, Randy Peters Catering, Waterboy, Golden Bear, Chocolate Fish, Rio City Café, The Snug, de Vere’s Irish Pub, Kru, Hook & Ladder, and Mulvaney’s B&L.

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