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On the Governor's Desk Now: Take Action on this California Legislation


SB 803 - Introduced by state Sen. Jim Beall

What it does: The Bill will set up a standardized process to train and certify peer support specialists.

Why it’s important: Medicaid allows federal dollars to help pay for peer support specialists – but only in states with a process for standardizing training and certifying workers. Passage of SB803 will greatly expand the network of support for people with mental illness, and compensate people who are already providing informal support to friends, neighbors, and loved ones.


48 other states support peer certification. Join @CAChildrenTrust in telling @GavinNewsom we want #SB803. @jimbealljr

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SB 855 - Introduced by state Sen. Scott Wiener

What it does: Significantly expands insurance coverage for mental health and substance use disorders. Puts mental health coverage closer to parity with general health care coverage.

Why it’s important: Californians do not have coverage for the mental health and addiction care they need, even more important with the current unprecedented stress. California patients were more than five times as likely to have office visits with out-of-network providers for mental health or addiction problems as patients seeking medical or surgical care.

It is critical to note, that while we support SB 855, it does not apply to 60% of children in the state. The bill specifically and directly excluded children in Medi-Cal. Mental health parity is a regulatory framework applied to commercial insurance plans. In theory, EPSDT already offers a regulatory framework at least as generous as what SB 855 proposes but we have failed to meet it. Heads up for papers we are working on with NCYL, NHELP, and MHA in the state and national context of the EPSDT entitlement.


Californian's need mental and addiction coverage at parity with basic medical care coverage. Join @CAChildrenTrust in telling @GavinNewsom we want #SB855. @Scott_Wiener

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AB 2112 - Introduced by Assemblyman James C. Ramos

What it does: Creates an Office of Suicide Prevention within the California Department of Public Health.

Why it’s important: While suicide prevention efforts are already occurring across the state, we need coordination, clear messages about best practices, vigilant monitoring of suicide data and a prominent advocate who can focus support on all groups but especially those with the highest risk of suicide, including youth.


No more lives lost. Join @CAChildrenTrust in telling @GavinNewsom we need dedicated state leadership to end suicide in California. @MHSOAC @JamesCRamos

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Stakeholder Comment on RFI Medi-Cal Managed Care Procurement - CA Department of Health Care Services

What it does: For the first time in 17 years, the state of California is conducting a procurement process for commercial managed care organizations (MCO) serving Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

Why it’s important: With 90% of children and youth in Medi-Cal covered by an MCO, this is a unique opportunity to provide input and recommendations to dramatically improve youth mental health, including EPSDT compliance. It is a moment to advocate for changing the MCO financial accountability structure, expand access to care and reshape how MCOs deliver quality mandated mental health services to the state’s most vulnerable children.

Take Action: CCT is partnering with the CACFS and multiple youth advocacy organizations to respond to the recently released RFI. Stakeholder comments are due on October 1, 2020. Amplify our voices by downloading the response form to submit your comments and advocate for improvements.

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