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Opinion: Suicide Prevention Requires Caring Neighbors and Friends []


By Narges Zohoury Dillon, East Bay Times, September 25, 2019

I find that I have some of the most meaningful conversations with near strangers when I tell them that I work in the field of suicide prevention. So often, people share that they have lost a loved one to suicide or that they have struggled with their own mental health challenges.

On an Uber ride from the airport, a driver shared with me a history of trauma and suicidal thinking and her hope to go back to school so she could help youth who have had similar experiences. I thanked her for her story and encouraged her to continue to share her experiences coping with mental health challenges as a way to reduce the isolation that others might feel going through similar situations.

Everyone can be part of suicide prevention by asking others how they are doing and being open to having conversations about difficult topics.

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