Over 1 Million Children Live in Low-Income Neighborhoods in California (calhealthreport.org)


Research has shown that the type of neighborhood low-income children live in can influence their health. Children who live in low-income neighborhoods are less likely than those in more affluent areas to have access to quality public schools, healthy food, medical care and green spaces to play, said Scot Spencer, associate director for advocacy and influence at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, which released the report.

Researchers found, in an analysis of the most recently available U.S. census data, that the percentage of children living in low-income neighborhoods in California is higher than the national average.

Nationwide, children of color are disproportionately impacted. African American and Native American children are seven times more likely than white children to live in a low-income area, according to the report. Latino children are five times more likely. California and Texas have the highest number of Latino children living in concentrated poverty in the nation.

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