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Saving Black Youth []


By Elena Sheppard, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Fall 2020

On June 9, 2016, 19-year-old Deston “Nutter” Garrett was shot in his home in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento, California. He had a friend over, and they got into a fight over a YouTube video.

“Nutter thought of this friend as a big brother, and I thought of him as my son,” says Garrett’s mother, Tanya Bean-Garrett. “It was an argument that went bad, and my son got the worst end of it.” Nutter died two days later in the hospital. He was one of eight teens killed by homicide that year—and one of 114 teens killed by homicide between 2007 and 2017—in Sacramento County.

Beginning in 2018, however, the trend shifted. For two years—until January 2020, when a 16 year old was shot and killed in West Sacramento—there were zero youth homicides in Sacramento County.

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