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Seeking Interviewees for ACEs Aware Dissertation

Hello ACEs Connection Community!

My name is Skylar Hanson, I am a Doctor of Public Health candidate at Claremont Graduate University in Southern California.

The focus of my dissertation is on the implementation of California's ACEs Aware Initiative and how the initiative navigated and responded to the needs of a COVID-19 impacted society (as well as other stressors of this year). I have been interviewing a range of participants from backgrounds of family medicine, pediatricians, social work, behavioral health, government, insurance/Medi-Cal, FQHC admin/leadership, youth advocacy, and community non-profits. I am also looking to interview some of the Grantees of the initiative.

I am in need of about 15 more interviews to add to the diversity of this case study. If you are able to help, please email me at or private message me here. 20-30 minute interviews will be conducted over Zoom for recording purposes. You may wish to only be identified by a general role in the dissertation results.

Thank you for all the great work you do and I look forward to connecting with some of you!


Skylar Hanson

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