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The State of the Evidence for Intervention and Prevention Programs for Child Welfare-Involved Populations [CEBC]


As of May 2019, the California Evidence-Based Clearing House (CEBC) has reviewed and rated over 450 programs. These programs are organized across 47 unique topic areaand each topic area varies in the number of programs with published peer-reviewed research evidence.
The topic areas with the smallest number of research-supported programs are listed in the first table below in order to illustrate where gaps in effective services exist for child welfare-involved populations.
The second table lists the topic areas with the largest number of research-supported programs for comparison sake.

This information may be informative for several audiences:

Researchers may pursue an agenda to develop the evidence base for interventions that target important but overlooked areas.

CWS Administrators & Contracted-Agencies may consider evaluating the programs they’re currently using within these areas. Download the CEBC resource  Developing An Evidence Base For Your Program to learn more about data collection and program evaluation.

Policymakers can work to influence research and practice through increased funding and resources to strengthen the evidence base within areas that have limited published research evidence.

To learn more, click HERE or see the attached document.


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