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June 2018

Register Now for the 2018 ACEs Conference & Pediatric Symposium — Early Bird Ends July 31!

Join the Center for Youth Wellness and ACEs Connection at the 2018 ACEs Conference in San Francisco, October 15-17. This conference offers experts and practitioners working in healthcare and other sectors a hands-on opportunity to deepen their understanding of the life-long effects of ACEs, so that they can help build a better future for all children exposed to early adversity and trauma. Participants will connect with experts in health, early childhood education, child welfare, juvenile...

Network of California districts to explore the enigma of engaging parents []

California plans to spend $13.3 million over six years to identify and replicate successful ingredients of community engagement, an essential but, for many school districts, elusive part of local control — the shorthand for setting budgeting and academic priorities under the state’s school financing law. The new money — included in the 2018-19 budget — will fund a network that eventually will reach as many as 80 districts. The funding represents the first substantial state effort to...

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Young Men of Color [FEBRUARY 5, 2018 BY ACCESS SACRAMENTO Reporting from Sacramento]

By Jazmine Justice-Young/Access Sacramento The term “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder” is defined by the National Institute of Mental Health as a disorder that can develop in people who have experienced a shocking, scary, or dangerous, and overall “traumatic” event. PTSD is most commonly associated with symptoms seen in returning war veterans, but an action brief released on the California Endowment’s homepage redefines the term in a way many services providers seem to overlook. The report...

Discipline reform gets boost in California budget (

Tucked inside last week’s state budget deal was some good news for California’s school discipline reform advocates — an additional $15 million for tackling issues such as bullying and trauma students have experienced, and training teachers and administrators in alternatives to traditional approaches to discipline. The $15 million will go to both the Orange County Department of Education and the Butte County Department of Education, which will contract with a college or university to develop...

CA Counties Play Key Role in New Coalition on Behavioral Health [The CSAC Bulletin]

A new statewide coalition formed to address behavioral health and substance use disorder. California is at a critical juncture in the way it manages behavioral health and substance use disorde r and the impact they can have on other social services . That’s one of the reasons CSAC is joining Behavioral Health Action (BHA). The new coalition is dedicated to raising behavioral health challenges and substance use disorder higher on the public policy priority list. The coalition plans to raise...

ChangeLab Solutions: The Keys to Collaboration: A Roadmap for Health in All Policies

What happens when all government agencies in a town, county, or state work together to build healthier communities? They create jobs, make sure families can afford healthy food, and build parks where all kids can play. And ultimately, they build communities where all people feel healthy, empowered, and connected to the place they call home. It’s impossible to make this vision a reality unless everyone works together. Behind the scenes, government agencies must collaborate. That means...

Monitoring Californians' Mental Health Population Surveillance Reveals Gender, Racial/Ethnic, Age, and Regional Disparities [Rand Corp Report]

Black Californians are more likely to experience mental health problems than other ethnic groups, and they are less likely to get the care they need, according to a study released Tuesday. The study , by the Rand Corp., shows a connection between untreated mental health problems and multiple absences from work, which can take an economic toll on individuals and families in the form of lost pay and even lost jobs. That dynamic disproportionately affects communities of color. READ THE FULL REPORT

Issue Brief - More than mass shootings: Gun violence narratives in California news []

Last year Hope and Heal Fund made its inaugural grant to Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) to begin the process to change the current narrative on gun violence in California to one that is hopeful and solution-based. Today we are excited to announce that the issue brief, More than mass shootings: Gun violence narratives in California news , is live now on BMSG’s website here: . The...

Why is Sacramento failing its black students? (

According to researchers from San Diego State University and University of California, Los Angeles, Sacramento schools disproportionately suspend black boys. The researchers’ new study, “The Capitol of Suspensions: Examining the Racial Exclusion of Black Males in Sacramento County,” revealed that the schools with the worst record are right here in the state capital: The Sacramento City Unified School District has suspended more black boys than any other district in the state—including Los...

Prop. 47 Reduced Recidivism & Infused Money Into Rehabilitation, But Also Boosted Theft-Related Crime Rates, Report Says (

While California crime rates remain at historic lows, voter-approved Proposition 47 appears to have led to an increase in certain property crimes, according to a new Public Policy Institute of California report that aims to shed some light on the effects of the measure–an ongoing, contentious point of debate in the state. While researchers found what appeared to be a correlation between Prop. 47 and upticks in larceny, the measure did not make a measurable contribution to the state’s...

CA Meals for Kids - An app to find summer meal locations!

There is a new way to stay updated on Summer Meal sites! The Department of Education released a new, free app called CA Meals for Kids. This application makes it easy to find sites by physical location, custom map, county, city, zip code and partial site name. Users can filter searches by service status and meal types (e.g. lunch, snacks, etc.). Any smart device using Apple, Google Play, or Microsoft stores are available to use. GO HERE to learn more about the APP

San Francisco cops go back to school to better understand teens (

Seven teens loitered in a San Francisco park, and before long two police officers shuffled over and started grilling them. “Get over here,” a female officer yelled. “Sit your ass down.” Five of the kids stared at the officer with wide eyes and promptly planted themselves on the ground. Two others crossed their arms and ignored the officer’s commands. Suddenly, the officer burst out laughing and hugged the flustered kids. “Sorry,” she said, “sorry!” This was the first role playing exercise of...

Los Angeles Eyes Chicago Program as Replacement for Voluntary Probation (

As the Los Angeles County Probation Department dismantles a controversial shadow probation program in schools, some county education officials worry that they will be left with fewer resources to work with young people who misbehave at school. The county is now looking at importing Becoming A Man, an intervention model developed in Chicago that targets high school boys for small-group sessions and comes with impressive credentials. Some advocates say they would prefer a local replacement.

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