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Homelessness in Times of Challenge and Change

From LifeMoves:

How do COVID-19 and racial injustice contribute towards the increasing homelessness crisis?

What can we do collectively, and as individuals, to support our community through these turbulent times? 

How can we enact change while inspiring hope for a brighter future? 

Join this virtual event on September 10th to hear how LifeMoves, the largest provider of shelter and services in Silicon Valley, is solving for these urgent questions and is rising to meet the growing need.

You'll hear:

  • A powerful account of strength and resilience from a former LifeMoves client
  • How LifeMoves and our network of partners continue to provide emergency relief in our communities through an inspiring introduction from LifeMoves CEO, Bruce Ives
  • Expert insights on adapting and creating positive change from Lori Gottlieb, Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author, and Dr. Brian Greenberg, V.P of Programs and Services at LifeMoves 

Register here:

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