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Honoring Fear // Building Resilience w/ Pierre-Etienne Vannier

Honoring Fear // Building Resilience w/ Pierre-Etienne Vannier

Practicing Wellness Skills in Times of Crisis

An Online Event with Pierre-Etienne Vannier MSc, CHt

During these difficult times, it is normal to experience fear, anxiety, and a variety of strong emotions. It is important for us to understand how to deal with the natural responses of our nervous system and how to practice wellness skills to restore safety and build resilience. Isolation makes it even more difficult. Connection is the medicine. Join us every Thursday to practice, breathe, connect, and heal together. 

Join our Online Group to: 

* Manage Fear & Anxiety in times of crisis.

* Connect & Build Community. 

* Learn ways to feel safer & more present. 

* Sleep, feel better & make better decisions. 

Where: Zoom Online

Pre-Registration required in advance. Register HERE now!

This event is offered for free to support communities during this crisis. To help us keep these classes going, donations are greatly appreciated! 

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