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Restorative Breathing


Restorative Breathing

Restorative Breathing w/ Abdul-Rehman


An Online Event with Abdul-Rehman Issa

The anxiety, worry, and uncertainty of our world doesn’t have to take hold inside our heads. Now, more than ever, take the time to connect to yourself by harnessing the power of your own breath. Restorative Breathing invites you to heal, to grow, to be.

 Join our Online Group to: 

* Journey inward to process and heal.

* Develop and increase self and awareness. 

* Release negative thoughts and feelings. 

* Learn a form of active meditation.

Abdul-Rehman Mohammed Issa is certified in Breathwork (David Elliott lineage), EFT, and Usui Reiki. He uses those approaches, along with a deep knowledge base of restorative circles and councils, to provide a safe space for people to grow, learn, and change through the power of their own breath. He is a career educator, actively working as a school administrator of a middle and high school as well as university faculty. Being confronted with the inequities our marginalized communities face, he has dedicated himself to the path of holistic healing. He has learned a multitude of modalities to bring restorative and trauma-informed practices to those in need.


Where: Zoom Online - details provided upon RSVP

Pre-Registration required in advance.

This event is offered for free to support communities during this crisis. To help us keep these classes going, donations are greatly appreciated! 


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