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We’re Woke, Now What? Creating Anti-Oppression Culture Change in Nonprofits


From Healing Equity United:

In recent years, “equity and inclusion” has become one of the hottest catch phrases for non-profits and foundations across the country. The Black Lives Movement and protests around the world in support of black lives have also brought these issues to the forefront as priorities for organizations. Organizations are looking to hold trainings, and staff are being provided resources to help them learn how to be anti-racist.

Being “woke”, however, isn’t enough. In fact, it can foster complacency and an inability to recognize the continued need for evolution. Studies indicate that most non-profit Boards of Directors are still primarily white and do not reflect the communities that non-profits serve. Additionally, nonprofits’ executive leadership remain primarily homogenous. Frontline staff continue to recount facing racism and limited professional mobility. This workshop will give participants tools to move from awareness (i.e. being woke) to substantive anti-oppression culture change.

We will share a culture change methodology to assist organizations to make the internal shift from aspirational equity and inclusion to actual anti-oppression spaces. This will be an interactive workshop including individual and small group activities. At the end of the workshop, you'll walk away with:

  • An understanding of what it takes for your organization to move into a truly antiracist and anti-oppressive culture
  • Determine where your organization is situated on the spectrum of implementing an anti-oppression framework. You'll be encouraged to identify the existing measures that are working and the gaps that still exist through honest, self-reflection and awareness.
  • Recognition of the common barriers to culture change and how to mitigate them

 Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to everyone (regardless of our identity) who wants to better understand how their organization can work to create antiracist and anti-oppressive cultures.

[Click here for more information and registration. Event has sliding scale cost.]

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