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Talking with Kids About the News []

Dr. Robert Sege, 1/12/20, Last Wednesday, we woke up in the morning to learn that Georgia had elected a Jewish filmmaker and a Black pastor as its new US Senators; each represented a milestone and a rejection of the racist and anti-Semitic ads funded and released by their opponents. Later in the day, we saw a White supremacist insurrection, and our congressional representatives, senators, and their staffs faced immediate danger as the Capitol building was invaded.

University of Oregon: Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development (RAPID) - Early Childhood

Rapid Assessment of Pandemic Impact on Development (RAPID) - Early Childhood Lab: Stress Neurobiology & Prevention (Fisher) Lab ongoing survey of families with young children during the COVID-19 pandemic Tags: Early Childhood , COVID-19 , survey , Parenting , stress This year, the FrameWorks Institute worked closely with the University of Oregon’s The Center for Translational Neuroscience to help frame findings from surveys with families with young children. The project is documenting...

Caring for Young Children While Sheltering in Place (WestEd)

Are you caring for a young child or children at your home? Need some help thinking of ideas for fun, engaging activities? This activity guide is for you! It provides you with quick access to tips and activities to use with children, aged birth to five, throughout the day. To access the full activity guide from WestEd:

The Impact of Coronavirus on Households Across America []

From Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, November 2020 While billions of dollars have been appropriated by federal and state governments since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, a series of polls by NPR, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation find that a substantial share of households have not been protected from serious impacts of the pandemic across many areas of residents' lives. “The Impact of Coronavirus” poll series offers a national look...

It's Not Just Adults Who Are Stressed. Kids Are, Too []

By Christina Caron, The New York Times, November 3, 2020 Families are under an extraordinary amount of pressure right now, and the next few months will provide little relief. The trials of 2020 include economic uncertainty , winter dread , an emotionally charged presidential election and a worrying rise in coronavirus cases . Then there’s the disrupted school year , remote learning and few (or no) options for child care . (That’s an abbreviated list.) Experts are understandably concerned...

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