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Strategies 2.0 Vehicles for Change Webinar Series


This four-part webinar series provides a comprehensive, deeper dive into the themes, messages, and frameworks presented in Family Resource Center Vehicles for Change Vol 1 and 2. The series will focus on the elements that make FRCs unique platforms for strengthening families and communities and highlight organizations whose work exemplifies the topics. Each webinar will give examples and provide concrete tools and resources to enhance understanding, learning, and application.

  1. Family Resource Centers: Incubators for Innovation
    Tuesday January 22, 2019: Learn about what makes FRCs different from other service delivery platforms and how FRCs can utilize the Social Determinants of Health to approach their work. We’ll share the Practice Methods Framework and feature a case study from El Modena FRC in Orange County to demonstrate how it has been used to organize FRC services and activities. 
  2. Reciprocity as Participant Engagement
    Friday February 15, 2019: In an FRC, participants both receive from and contribute to the organization and their community through participation and leadership. In this webinar, we will explore how FRC flexibility and adaptability contribute to an environment of mutual exchange and benefit. We are pleased to be interviewing Little House by the Park in Guadalupe, Santa Cruz County.
  3. Community Development FRC Style
    Wednesday March 6, 2019: Through FRC activities, families become involved with others in their neighborhood or community and with the environment around them. This often motivates people to take action to make improvements. This webinar explores methods to assess community assets and needs and how to utilize an asset based community development approach. We will conduct an interview with Special Parents Information Network in Santa Cruz County.
  4. The FRC as a Learning Organization
    Friday April 26, 2019: This webinar explores how a culture of learning leads to innovation, satisfaction, and positive results. We will look at the elements of a learning organization and provide tools for you to reflect on your own organization.

Intended Participants:

  • Executive directors, supervisors, and program managers of family resource centers (FRCs) and family strengthening organizations
  • FRC networks and partners including First 5, and county or community agencies that work with families
  • Family advocates, case managers, and staff working directly with families
  • Funders, investors, and policymakers


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