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A Message from DSS: CCB 18 - July 2019 Reports are Due Oct 7th 2019!

Salaine McCullough ·
Good afternoon CCB 18 County Contacts, This email is to inform FY 2019-20 Bridge Program opt-in counties of revised CCB 18 report and instructions via All County Welfare Director Letter dated August 23, 2019. The CCB 18 (7/19) report takes effect for the July 2019 report month. The July 2019 report’s due date has been extended to October 7 th . July and August report months will be due on the same day. Feel free to submit the July 2019 report at any time before the due date. Due to...
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Emergency Child Care for Foster Families []

By Sacramento County, SacCounty News, January 9, 2020 To recruit more loving families for children in foster care, Sacramento County is making it easier to find and afford childcare services for resource families. The Emergency Child Care Bridge Program’s goal is to increase the number of resource families for children in foster care by helping families find the right child care provider, connecting families to long-term child care subsidies, and by providing vouchers to pay for childcare...
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My hopes for a trauma-informed California

Domenica Benitez ·
Every evening, I try to engage my daughter in reflection, gratitude, and hope. I try to practice the same, but tonight, I felt the need to share with you all. Today I had the opportunity to attend the Toward a Trauma-Informed Northern California Summit 2018 – it was an incredible experience. We were welcomed with a moving, informative, and engaging keynote speaker, Dr. Isaiah B. Pickens , who laid the foundation for what would be a day of growth, reflection, connection, and peer support. He...

Re: My hopes for a trauma-informed California

Cassy Leggett ·
What amazing insight and inspiration from Domenica! I have had the joy of working with Domenica for almost 10 years through the R&R Network and she is truly an uplifting person. I am so glad to see all the various actions being taking around California as well as the nation surrounding Trauma Informed Practices and helping heal our families and children. Our local communities have lost their connections to each other and therefore have less relationships with one another. We have to get...
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