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California Essentials for Childhood Initiative (CA)

The California Essentials for Childhood Initiative uses a public health and collective impact approach to align and enhance collaborative efforts to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children, youth and families through systems, policy and social norms change.


2021 Toolkit Launch!

From CalEITC4me: As we prepare for the 2021 Tax Season, we are sensitive to the difficult time that many Californians are experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to work with you to ensure that each and every one of them who is eligible for the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) claims it. Last year when the sheltering orders came down, we turned our in-person programs into online outreach, and as a result of our collective work more than 6.2 million...

Join the IRS for EITC Awareness Day - January 29, 2021!

From the Internal Revenue Service (IRS): “EITC Awareness Day is a joint venture between the IRS and its many partners and stakeholders. Intensive media coverage helps us reach the broadest possible range of eligible taxpayers, including the underserved populations and the newly eligible taxpayers. EITC can increase a federal tax refund from $1 to $6,660 for qualified taxpayers. IRS estimates four of five, or 80%, of eligible taxpayers claim and get this important credit. Help us ensure the...

New Golden State Opportunity Releases new Report on EITC

Golden State Opportunity has released a new report, Our Fair Share: The Earned Income Tax Credit’s Crucial Role During a Recession , with original economic analysis confirming that the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a powerful economic driver. Analysis shows that in 2019 state and federal EITC refunds created or sustained 74,000 jobs in California, which is equivalent to nearly 25% of the total jobs created in California that year. Over the four years California has invested in its own...

California Office of the Surgeon General Invites Sector-Specific Vignettes

The California Office of the Surgeon General (OSG) is creating a report to be published in the summer of 2020. The report will feature the public health response to preventing and mitigating Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and toxic stress—tentatively titled “ Halving the Burden of ACEs and Toxic Stress in a Generation—California’s Blueprint for an ACEs-Aware Public Health Movement .” An important portion of the report will be dedicated to outlining primary, secondary, and tertiary...

Secondary Traumatic Stress Affects Child Abuse Prevention Champions

Each year, millions of children in California endure the trauma of abuse, violence, natural disasters, and other adverse events. These experiences can give rise to significant emotional and behavioral problems that can profoundly disrupt the children’s lives and bring them in contact with child-serving professionals. For therapists, child welfare workers, case managers, and other helping professionals involved in the care of traumatized children and their families, the essential act of...

Healing Together: When our relationships are safe and healthy, so are our communities

Healing Together is a new campaign that engages men, and people of all genders, in the work to build safe and accountable communities by focusing on healing, gender justice, and racial equity—instead of punishment—to end intimate partner violence. The campaign aim to shift away from punitive policies and systems that produce violence and expand community-based approaches that focus on prevention, accountability, and healing for all. Individuals and organizations can visit the Healing...

October is Safe Sleep Awareness Month

The leading cause of death for infants age 1 month to 1 year is Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUIDs). This includes sleep related deaths and SIDS. Here are some facts you can share to make sure the parents you know have the information and resources that can help them make the best parenting decisions when it comes to safe sleep: Babies should always sleep on their backs Babies should be in their own crib, not an adult bed, couch, or car seat Babies should not sleep with others Use firm...

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence often occurs alongside child abuse and neglect, therefore its prevention is also critical for child abuse prevention. Studies show: 30 to 60 percent of children from homes where domestic abuse is present are also victims of abuse themselves Parents who are stressed and burdened by being victimized are also at increased risk of neglectful or abusive parenting Witnessing domestic violence can cause serious harm to psychological, cognitive, social, behavioral and emotional...

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