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California Essentials for Childhood Initiative (CA)

The California Essentials for Childhood Initiative uses a public health and collective impact approach to align and enhance collaborative efforts to promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for children, youth and families through systems, policy and social norms change.

Essentials for Childhood Initiative 6/16 Webinar: Fostering HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) during COVID-19

The Essentials for Childhood (EfC) Initiative is reaching out to share that in place of the convening originally scheduled for April 3rd, 2020 that there will be several remote-learning and engagement meetings held throughout the months of April, May, and June. These meetings will support efforts to improve and enhance child wellbeing throughout California in light of COVID-19 and complement the focus areas of the EfC Initiative subcommittees (i.e., Policy, Equity, Strengthening Economic Supports, Trauma-Informed Practices, and Data).

The EfC Initiative invites your participation in the fourth meeting in this web-series entitled “Fostering HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) during COVID-19” on Tuesday, June 16 from 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM for a special guest presentation from Dr. Robert Sege & Dr. Dina Burstein from the HOPE Project at the Tufts Medical Center.

Drs. Robert Sege and Dina Burstein from the HOPE Project at Tufts Medical Center will present research and data supporting the benefits and importance of Positive Childhood Experiences (PCEs), background on the HOPE Project, and the relevance to ACEs screening and working with families during COVID-19. Participants will be given the opportunity to share stories of inspiration, concern and self-care, discuss how they relate to the four building blocks of HOPE, and implications for front line workers.


A facilitated discussion will follow to examine how this work connects to the HOPE Framework and COVID-19 outreach underway in California through the EfC Initiative’s Data Subcommittee and be led by Drs. Lori Turk-Bicakci from the Lucile Packard Foundation, & David Dodds from First Five California.


To register for the “Fostering HOPE (Healthy Outcomes from Positive Experiences) during COVID-19” webinar, please utilize the following link:

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