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Dauphin County Trauma-Informed Collaborative (PA)

The effort is underway to build a more trauma-aware, trauma-sensitive, trauma-informed, healing-centered Dauphin County. Our aim is to work with service providers, nonprofit organizations, employers, advocates and individuals, in order to create a comprehensive and inclusive county-wide network focused on trauma prevention, treatment and recovery.

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My Story

My story began as I was born to an unwed African American teen mother. She had my brother when she was 14 and had me at the age of 16. I vaguely remember the house that I was born in down south. Blacks were not allowed to be born in the hospital at that time so we made use of midwives. My grandfather shot my dad twice in the back with a 22 caliber handgun. He was chasing him away from our house because he told him to stay away from my mother. Shortly thereafter we were kicked out of the...

7 New Communities Join ACEs Connection / August 2020

7 number of new communities have joined the ACEs Connection. Details about each of them are below as is information about starting and growing your community initiatives and joining the Cooperative of Communities . ACEs in Nursing Science Join us as we explore the intersection of ACEs Science and Nursing Science, with a lens on the unique needs of nurses as they integrate ACEs Science into their nursing practices and reflect on their own lived experiences as related to childhood trauma:...

Directory of ACEs Connection How-Tos

JOIN How-To: Join ACEs Connection How-To: Join ACEs Connection Groups INVITE How-To: Invite Others to Join ACEs Connection How-To: Invite Others to Join an ACEs Connection Group SIGN IN & UPDATE PROFILE How-To: Sign In to ACEs Connection How-To: Update Your Profile and Contact Info How-To: Add or Change a Profile Picture EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs Connection Main Site How-To: Customize Your Email Notifications for ACEs...

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