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What Trauma Looks Like For Lousiana Residents 15 Years After Hurricane Katrina []


By Debbie Elliott, National Public Radio, August 30, 2020


As parts of the Gulf Coast are starting to pick up the pieces left in the wake of Hurricane Laura, we look back at another catastrophic hurricane that made landfall 15 years ago - Katrina. The Category 5 storm killed more than a thousand people and caused major damage. Eighty percent of New Orleans was underwater after the federal levee protection system failed. While the city was able to rebuild, many of its residents still suffer from long-term post-traumatic stress. Denese Shervington is a clinical professor of psychiatry at Tulane University School of Medicine and has been studying trauma in New Orleans and joins us now.


DENESE SHERVINGTON: Thank you so much.

ELLIOTT: So when we think about post-traumatic stress, we tend to think in terms of red flags displayed by individuals - trouble sleeping, behavioral changes - as markers. What does trauma look like in a community? Are there red flags there?

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