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Grassroots resilience: Rural communities tackle ACEs

Rt to left—Adrienne Coopey, DO, Billings Clinic, MT, Lorenzo Lewis, The Confess Project, Little Rock, Ark, and Mendy Spohn, MPH, public health administrator in several counties in Oklahoma ________________________________________________ The three presenters for the “Grassroots Resilience: Rural Communities Tackle ACEs” workshop brought to life the unique challenges of addressing ACEs and trauma in rural communities and shared some valuable lessons for communities of any size. Mendy Spohn, a...

Understanding ACEs promotes healing []

There’s a problem and we all have the solution. According to The Center for the Developing Child at Harvard University, “When adults have opportunities to build the core skills that are needed to be productive participants in the workforce and to provide stable, responsive environments for the children in their care, our economy will be stronger, and the next generation of citizens, workers, and parents will thrive.” Individuals, communities and the nation have within their grasp information...

The Public's Health: A look at US policy's effect on children []

Had you asked me two years ago whether U.S. policy would ever promote toxic stress in children, I would have looked at you as if you had two horns growing out of your head. After all, the U.S. government philosophically for decades has served as a global patriarch — and matriarch! — working to ensure that populations — especially children — have at least a rudimentary standard of living, and that all humans have basic rights. This column will not serve to inform about what’s currently...

Building Resilience for Better Lives - from

Life is hard. “In this world you WILL have trouble,” Jesus said. The ability to successfully face the hardships that will inevitably come to us will determine our level of satisfaction, joy, and peace. Resilience isn’t just a desirable trait, it’s absolutely essential. And, it turns out that scripture has a lot to say about this essential quality for successful living. There are many passages we could examine to illustrate the point, but the letter from James is one of my favorites. Eugene...

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