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My Abuse In Christian Settings

Sixty years ago this summer I told. My parents fought to have my perpetrator removed from the organization - to no avail. They were accused of being the ones with the problem because they could not forgive, forget and move on. Thank God, my parents did move on. They left that group. Their belief in me and their sacrificial actions gave me the foundation to thrive. However, the abuse became flesh and dwelt inside me and for decades I suffered great gynecological problems. Recent studies link...

Baby courts: A proven approach to stop the multigenerational transmission of ACES in child welfare; new efforts to establish courts nationwide

The organization Zero To Three estimates that in the U.S., a child is taken into the child welfare system every six seconds. “Many of society’s most intractable problems can be traced back to childhood adversity. Being in the child welfare system increases the likelihood of more adversity and criminality. Baby court is a proven approach to healing the trauma of both child and parent, and breaking the cycle of maltreatment,” says Mimi Graham, Ed.D ., director of the Florida State University...

Trauma-informed policing: Learn how three highly experienced community leaders strengthen ties between police and community

ACEs initiative participants in communities where there is tension between the community and law enforcement will want to join Becky Haas in a compelling conversation on law enforcement, ACEs science, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement and protests. Haas is a nationally recognized adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) science initiative builder and trainer. She and colleagues Renee Wilson-Simmons, the head of the ACE Awareness Foundation of Memphis, Tennessee, and Maggi Duncan,...

Greater Richmond Trauma Informed Community Network, first to join ACEs Cooperative of Communities, shows what it means to ROCK!

In 2012, Greater Richmond SCAN and five other community partners hatched a one-year plan to educate the Richmond, Virginia, community about ACEs science and to embed trauma-informed practices. Eight years later, the original group has evolved into the Greater Richmond Trauma-Informed Community Network (GRTICN) with 495 people and 170 organizations. And they're just scratching the surface.

Forum Topics

Hi Folks, I have recently been trained as an ACE Master Trainer through the Children's Trust of South Carolina . In the training we received materials from ACE Interface . My special interest is working with churches and ministries to educate and equip them to be better trauma-informed and to increase the resilience of members of their congregation and of the communities members they serve. Myself and another Master Trainer have presented information on ACEs to a small group of people at a...Read More...
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Power Point Slides on Neuroplasticity

Dale Fletcher
I'm presenting a talk to a group of Pastors on ACES but the slide deck on ACES that I received does not have any slides on Neuroplasticity, from either a science perspective or from a biblical perspective. Do any of you have a few slides that you'd be willing to share with me? Thanks so much in advance!! Have an awesome day! DaleRead More...

Presenting to my congregation

Good Evening, Everyone! I'm in the beginning stages of prep for a Sunday morning presentation in October where I am tasked with giving a very concise yet educational talk on ACES. This will be the first-time introduction for our church family, and as we house and run a significant ministry to struggling (in every way) families , it is imperative we start to help our congregation become trauma-informed. The mindset is often, "we lead you to the Lord, now move on", and the frustration among...Read More...
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