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New ACEs Bible Study release "Family. It's Complicated"

I just wanted the ACEs Connection community to be aware of a new bible study on ACEs. This will officially be released on 11/15 but is available now at a pre-order price. The video link below explains more about the study. If you have any questions please let me know.

The Dalai Lama on a Human Approach to World Peace (

Bringing Back the Humanity Anger plays no small role in current conflicts such as those in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the North-South problem, and so forth. These conflicts arise from a failure to understand one another’s humanness. The answer is not the development and use of greater military force, nor an arms race. Nor is it purely political or purely technological. Basically it is spiritual, in the sense that what is required is a sensitive understanding of our common human...

Kids in trauma and heart-felt connections

Have you ever had a child who has experienced a crisis or trauma get attached to you? I’ve had children who I knew were connected to me emotionally. However, I had no idea of the depth of these connections. For the child of divorce and other life-changing traumas, it is a different kind of connection. They become attached not only to you but also to their memory of you. You might call it a heart-felt connection . And they hold on to this memory for years. In their minds they know where they...

3 Myths about suicide you may have picked up along the way (

On National Suicide Prevention Day, Kayla Stoecklein, the widow of pastor Andrew Stoecklein, took to her blog God’s Got This to dispel a few myths surrounding the stigma of suicide. Today is world suicide prevention day. I strongly believe that suicide prevention is possible and to be honest it’s one of the reasons why I write. I am by no means an expert on mental illness or suicide. I am speaking purely from a raw place of brokenness and pain. The reason I am addressing these myths today is...

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Hello everyone. I'm from Arkansas and the work with ACEs is just getting off the ground here. We have a workgroup with about 100 organizations involved and they are sharing the data about ACEs nationally and in AR--The last ACEs study showed Arkansas has the highest frequency of people experiencing multiple ACEs. I've seen how FBOs have taken responsibility and a leadership roles in other states and believe that can happen here too. We are a highly religious state and medical collages have...Read More...
Hello, I just joined this group because, as the coordinator for a statewide trauma-prevention, resilience-promoting coalition in Alaska, I am working with the Governor's Office to organize a forum for faith leaders on the topic of "Safe Children, Healthy Families." I am going to give a presentation to the faith leaders and others assembled and then they will engage in a conversation about what they can do -- with children and youth, with parents and caregivers, with leadership and...Read More...
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Please help us engage people in the critical conversation about mental health and substance use disorder parity. President Obama created the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Task Force in March 2016 to focus key federal agencies on ensuring that Americans receive the coverage and treatment they need. The Task Force wants to hear from patients, families, consumer advocates, health care providers, insurers, and other stakeholders about their experience with mental health and...Read More...