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Connecting and informing the faith community how to integrate ACE concepts into the faith-based community.

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New and improved 2nd edition of the "Bruised Reeds & Smoldering Wicks" trauma-informed curriculum for churches now available!

I am pleased to announce that a NEW, 8-week version of the study, "Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks," is now available. This 2nd edition includes input I received from the ACEsConnection community and others which resulted in two additional weeks of material. You still get the movie, "Paper Tigers," and the licensing to show it to up to 250 in an educational or religious setting, but there is much more... And, while a number of edits have gone into this second edition of the curriculum, my...

Two New Grant Opportunities for Youth Development and Diversion Services

In 2019, more than $40 million will become available to fund community-based, culturally rooted, trauma-informed services for youth in California as alternatives to arrest and incarceration. Thousands of California youth are arrested every year for low-level offenses. Youth who are arrested or incarcerated for low-level offenses are less likely to graduate high school, more likely to suffer negative health-outcomes, and more likely to have later contact with the justice system.

How do you cope? Self-regulation "favorites" from our children! (video)

In a recent chapel time, our children were given the opportunity to "pay if forward" by helping create the video below. You see, part of the lesson was about thanksgiving and generosity, and that generosity is NOT just about sharing money. It's about being the type of people who share compassion and the wisdom that has been gained through difficulty. The children were encouraged to know that they could help other children handle their big feelings in healthy ways by sharing what they had...

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Hello everyone. I'm from Arkansas and the work with ACEs is just getting off the ground here. We have a workgroup with about 100 organizations involved and they are sharing the data about ACEs nationally and in AR--The last ACEs study showed Arkansas has the highest frequency of people experiencing multiple ACEs. I've seen how FBOs have taken responsibility and a leadership roles in other states and believe that can happen here too. We are a highly religious state and medical collages have...Read More...
Hello, I just joined this group because, as the coordinator for a statewide trauma-prevention, resilience-promoting coalition in Alaska, I am working with the Governor's Office to organize a forum for faith leaders on the topic of "Safe Children, Healthy Families." I am going to give a presentation to the faith leaders and others assembled and then they will engage in a conversation about what they can do -- with children and youth, with parents and caregivers, with leadership and...Read More...
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Please help us engage people in the critical conversation about mental health and substance use disorder parity. President Obama created the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Task Force in March 2016 to focus key federal agencies on ensuring that Americans receive the coverage and treatment they need. The Task Force wants to hear from patients, families, consumer advocates, health care providers, insurers, and other stakeholders about their experience with mental health and...Read More...