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Perhaps now is the time for your church to become trauma-informed?

Wondering what your church can do in response to the unrest, riots, and disharmony we see? Perhaps this is the time to invest in becoming trauma-informed using "Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks," a study where sound biblical principles intersect with the science of adversity and trauma. Order on Amazon at: Bruised-Reeds-Smoldering-Wi cks-trauma-informed/dp/ 1733812318 Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks is a study on the intersections between the science of adversity...

Of interest: Spend June 5 with members of the new National Academies report: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth

Of interest: Spend June 5 with members of the new National Academies report: Realizing Opportunity for All Youth Announcement in ACES Connection calendar : June 5 Calendar Announcement or at Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, University of Virginia (ILPPP) Working with the National Academies of Sciences,...

ACEs Champion Danette Glass says COVID-19 increases the need for trauma-informed communities

Glass’s mission has always been to protect and foster the practice of nurturing children. That’s because she herself experienced at least five types of adverse childhood experiences, as measured in the original CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study). If the scale could account for childhood adversity such as structural racism and community violence that’s more likely to occur in communities of color, her burden of ACEs is higher.

What Do We Do? What Do We Do Now?

People’s response to the great chasms of structural inequities glaringly laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic have been further inflamed by the murder of George Floyd and deaths of other African Americans in recent weeks. The acute emergency of the pandemic has eased, but the violence inflicted on racial minorities and now those who are protesting the inequities in our society has compounded the outrage. Right after the pandemic began running riot across the US, I often heard people ask: When...

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Hi Folks, I have recently been trained as an ACE Master Trainer through the Children's Trust of South Carolina . In the training we received materials from ACE Interface . My special interest is working with churches and ministries to educate and equip them to be better trauma-informed and to increase the resilience of members of their congregation and of the communities members they serve. Myself and another Master Trainer have presented information on ACEs to a small group of people at a...Read More...
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Power Point Slides on Neuroplasticity

Dale Fletcher
I'm presenting a talk to a group of Pastors on ACES but the slide deck on ACES that I received does not have any slides on Neuroplasticity, from either a science perspective or from a biblical perspective. Do any of you have a few slides that you'd be willing to share with me? Thanks so much in advance!! Have an awesome day! DaleRead More...

Presenting to my congregation

Good Evening, Everyone! I'm in the beginning stages of prep for a Sunday morning presentation in October where I am tasked with giving a very concise yet educational talk on ACES. This will be the first-time introduction for our church family, and as we house and run a significant ministry to struggling (in every way) families , it is imperative we start to help our congregation become trauma-informed. The mindset is often, "we lead you to the Lord, now move on", and the frustration among...Read More...
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