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Adult Sunday school curriculum exploring trauma-informed ministry now available!


UPDATE! As of 3/27/17 all copies of the first run of this curriculum have been purchased or reserved. We hope to have a second printing/production run done soon, though the budget to provide free copies has been exhausted. Those requesting the materials from this point forward will need to submit the $60. required.


I have also had some requests for a "preview" of the curriculum in order to see if it is appropriate for your ministry setting. I have attached the print portion of Week 2 so you can get a feel for the content.




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Last month, I blogged on ACEsConnection about the 6-week Adult Sunday school curriculum I have written to introduce trauma-informed ministry themes to local congregations. It is called "Bruised Reeds and Smoldering Wicks: a six week study of trauma-informed ministry and compassionate care for children from hard places and situations."



While we are still putting the finishing touches on the companion DVD which includes interviews and insights from my colleagues at Intermountain in Helena, Montana, we are far enough along to let those who are interested in the curriculum request it.


How do you do that? Well, when you click the link below, you'll be sent to a landing page that will help ensure that I have all the information I need to connect with you.



Thank you for you work in creating trauma-informed communities. If this curriculum will be a help in interpreting the work to the Church, I am glad for it. Please feel free to share this information and the link to request the materials with others.




Chaplain Chris Haughee





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