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Do You Need Spirituality to Recover from CPTSD?


During a break in taping my new course on dating and relationships, I recorded this story about how hard it can be to change the self-defeating patterns that so often flow from Childhood PTSD. I talk about one summer when I was working hard to get through a dark time, and then a miracle took me by surprise.

You can learn the writing/meditation techniques I mention as a source of daily healing, here

You can access my articles, courses and resources for people with Childhood PTSD on my blog, CrappyChildhoodFairy, or my YouTube Channel.  

I invite you to explore my online course Healing Childhood PTSD, or add your name to the first-access list for my (soon to be complete) Dating and Relationships for People with Childhood PTSD

See you soon!

Anna (the Fairy)


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