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PACEs in the Faith-Based Community

Ground-breaking Bible study on trauma-informed ministry/ACEs now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble


I've been busy trying to make the study as accessible and available to those interested in sharing trauma-informed principles within their churches and fellowships, and I am pleased to announce a few new developments:

First, the study is available as an e-book on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. In fact, to celebrate the release of the book on Barnes and Noble, you can get the study for half price through June 15. Just use the code BNPCHRIS50) at check out!

      Click HERE to go directly to the ebook on Barnes and Noble!

      Click HERE to go directly to the ebook on Amazon!

Secondly, I know that many still prefer a physical book/workbook in their hands when participating in a small group study. So, I have worked with Amazon to publish a paperback version of the study, as well. I am working on bulk sales for the paperback book to give small groups and churches that want each member to have a copy, and when that gets worked out, I'll be happy to share that information.

      Click HERE to go directly to the paperback version of the study on Amazon!

I continue to be humbled and honored by the response to these materials, and I appreciate those within the ACEsConnection community that have shared them with others.

I'd also commend to those trying to share ACEs and trauma-informed principles within their faith communities to check out the excellent resources from ACEs Overcomers and Cope24!


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