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Hope for Healing: A Mother's Triumph

In the words of my 85-year-old mother . . . "Get your chickens off the street!"
She passed her driver's test today!
She used her stimulus check to buy herself a used Toyota Echo for $1200 and told me, "I don't need to call anyone for a ride to church or the grocery store anymore. I'm only going to use it to go to The Dollar Store, church, the grocery, and the pharmacy."
It's her victory reward for overcoming her addiction. Now celebrating one and a half years sober! Look how far she's come since the first half of 2019! Hospitalized for detox from alcohol, repeated falls requiring hospital and rehab facility stays, threats of suicide, and trying desperately to escape the pain of her childhood trauma.
Her doctor advised us to take her car away from her after she totaled it a couple of years ago and to not allow her to renew her license due to her "severe alcoholism". And we did so.
Now here she is . . . sober, happy, making her wishes come true, and regaining her independence.
I'm a little frightened about her being behind the wheel again. But, I'm so damn proud of her right now I'm just going to have to put her in God's hands and pray her guardian angel protects her and those around her as she drives. I figure if the Ohio BMV believes in her . . . so should I!
Momma, you're a rock star. I love you. I thank you. And I strive to be as strong as you when I'm 85. I feel so incredibly blessed to have travelled this healing journey with you as we've mended past traumas and worked toward a healthy relationship.
Please keep my mom in your prayers or send her positive energy for safe driving and continued sobriety along her journey. Thank you!
(shared with her permission)

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