Iowa ACEs 360 collaboration with faith-rooted organizations

The Chicagoland Trauma-Informed Congregations Network is an interfaith table that brings together faith-rooted organizations and others that are interested in using our collective wisdom to respond to the call to facilitate and deepen the role of faith communities in recognizing and creating β€œsafe and brave spaces” that support the healing of trauma experienced by individuals and communities.
In May, Iowa ACEs 360 invited Rev. Kirsten Preachy to Des Moines with goal to learn about the development and future plans of the Chicagoland Network, and discuss opportunities in Central Iowa. Learn more about our conversation and take-a-ways here.
The goal from ACEs 360 is to support the efforts of faith leaders in the trauma informed realm and cultivate opportunities with, rather than to be prescriptive about content that faith networks should do or try to bring a program to them. 
Followup gatherings are being held in the central Iowa region. Faith leaders of all faith traditions are welcome.
Please connect with us through our website contact form if you would like to attend or learn more.

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