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The Peace Bus


Times in our community have been challenging and traumatic recently. Shining a light on how we can come together and support one another is vital during this time, and is just what Kwabi Amoah-Forson is doing with The Peace Bus. This is incredible work and reflects the importance of connectivity at this time. Please consider supporting the work Kwabi is doing, and share with others to spread the word!

Per his recent Facebook post:

"Fear, division, and safety have been the reoccuring themes over the last couple of days within the Puget Sound, and Washington as a whole. As this virus begins to change our plans and precautions, some of us have been fearful of the future and the challenges that await. I believe that the biggest challenge above all, will be our ability to become even stronger as a community. The greatest challenge will be for us to become even more united today, than before the outbreak began, and to use this time to find ways to contribute. We are the heroes we've been waiting for, and with that, I have two important announcements to make regarding The Peace Bus:
1. We are postponing The Peace Bus kids TV show Premiere which was scheduled on Sunday March 22nd and will be rescheduled for a later date. Above all, The Peace Bus wants to do what we can to keep kids safe and help out where there is a need. This now brings me to my second announcement....
2. On Friday, Governor Jay Inslee ordered the closing of schools, K-12 statewide in an effort to slow down the spreading of the Coronavirus and to keep children and families safe. Yesterday following the governor's announcement, I was reading an article in the Tacoma News Tribune about the problem families and children will have in the upcoming weeks due to school closures. One of the main issues being, that families that rely on school lunch and breakfast to feed their children, will be hit hard. Yes, Tacoma schools will be supplying lunch from 10am to noon at designated locations during the next 6 weeks, but what about the kids who can't make it to these locations?
I now introduce to you....The Peace Bus Breakfast Fund! Starting next week on Monday March 23nd, for the next 6 weeks between the times of 6:30am- 10am I will begin to distribute new boxes of cereal to families who may not be able to supply breakfast at this time due to the Corona outbreak and school closures. I will post my phone number online, so Tacoma families can text me their name and a convenient location where I can meet them to give them cereal so that their young ones can have breakfast.
The Peace Bus needs your help! All donations will go towards buying boxes of cereal to families in the Tacoma area for the next 6 Weeks. I will be driving The Peace Bus and distributing the boxes myself. The amount of boxes per family will be based off of family size. I have always and continue to appreciate the people of Tacoma for all of your support. Let's work together to make sure out kids our fed! If you want to donate please click the link in the comments section! Thank you to you all âœŒðŸū🚎"

To donate, Venmo is @thepeacebus and the GoFundMe can be reached by clicking here

If you can, donating by Venmo will not take any fees of the donation out, so all proceeds go to the cause. 

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