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January 2019

2019 Beyond Paper Tigers Conference Series - Why Take Course One and Course Two?

Community Resilience Initiative is officially launching a new series of blog posts, building to our 2019 Beyond Paper Tigers conference on June 25th - 27th. We’ll cover a range of topics relevant to conference material, events, and inspirations. In addition to the regular conference, CRI is offering two training add-on options on Tuesday June 25, 2019 prior to the conference: Resilience-Based Trainings, Course One and Two . “A group of...

Do You Need Spirituality to Recover from CPTSD?

During a break in taping my new course on dating and relationships, I recorded this story about how hard it can be to change the self-defeating patterns that so often flow from Childhood PTSD. I talk about one summer when I was working hard to get through a dark time, and then a miracle took me by surprise. You can learn the writing/meditation techniques I mention as a source of daily healing, here . You can access my articles, courses and resources for people with Childhood PTSD on my blog,...


I'm a Christian. I scored (I can't remember exact) a very high number in the ACE's score. How do I reach out to the Church to enlighten others on this subject?

New ACEs Bible Study release "Family. It's Complicated"

New Christian Book by Rene Howitt and Tim Wesemann! Order Your Copy Today! Yahoo / Inbox The Good News New York <> To: Jan 8 at 2:00 PM New Christian Book by Rene Howitt and Tim Wesemann ! Why are we so angry? Why is there so much dysfunction in our families? This Bible Study offers reactive solutions and brings to light information about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) by discussing dysfunctional similarities between families found...

USD Kroc Insight newsletter - Look Both Ways: Religous Leaders and the Challenge of Engaging Community and Police

Across the United States, including in San Diego where the Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (Kroc IPJ) launched the Building Trust Partnership (BTP), relationships between communities and law enforcement are strained and plagued by mistrust. To build relationships and restore trust between police and communities while confronting difficult, emotionally and politically charged issues, religious leaders must engage with both sides and remain neutral, even when speaking to one may be...

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