June 2018

Fathers’ Day in America [Message by The Rev. Patricia Templeton]

I recently finished a haunting novel, Before We Were Yours , in which Lisa Wingate tells a fictionalized account of the true story of one of this country’s great scandals, the Tennessee Children’s Home Society and its director, Georgia Tann. From the 1920s through 1950, Tann and her organization facilitated the adoption of thousands of children across the country. Tann was a prominent member of society, held up as the “Mother of Modern Adoption,” and consulted by Eleanor Roosevelt on issues...

Coming back to ‘The Wall': building resilience by learning to trust

Recently, we did an object lesson as part of our Resilience-based series that I call “the Wall.” We talked about how bad things happen in this world despite having a loving God that looks over us. We make bad choices at times that hurt us, and others make bad choices that hurt us. In general, there is a lot of brokenness in relationships that causes a lot of damage. So, I told the children, we learn how to protect ourselves. Just like castles have BIG walls or our cottages on campus have...

How One Farm Saved This Tiny Town’s Survival Rate (rd.com)

By the summer of 2005, the Reverend Richard Joyner of Conetoe Chapel Missionary Baptist Church realized he was conducting funerals twice a month—a startling number given his town’s tiny population. Nearly 300 souls call Conetoe (pronounced “ka-‘nee-ta”) home. The predominantly African American hamlet is situated in North Carolina’s Edgecombe County, where a quarter of households live below the poverty line and heart disease kills more 
20- to 39-year-olds than do car accidents. “I’ve closed...

California bishops: The mental health care system is broken (americamagazine.org)

The Catholic bishops of California on May 1 released “ Hope and Healing ,” a pastoral letter on the care of those who struggle with mental illness . “People who suffer from severe and persistent mental illnesses are among the most misunderstood, ignored and unjustly stigmatized members of our society,” the bishops write in the passionate and strongly worded statement. “For them, our communities and parishes should be places of refuge and healing, not places of rejection or judgment.” “There...

Where The Brain Processes Spiritual Experiences (scienceblog.com)

Yale scientists have identified a possible neurobiological home for the spiritual experience — the sense of connection to something greater than oneself. Activity in the parietal cortex, an area of the brain involved in awareness of self and others as well as attention processing, seems to be a common element among individuals who have experienced a variety of spiritual experiences, according to a study published online May 29 in the journal Cerebral Cortex . “ Spiritual experiences are...

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