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SPEARS: The Essence Space. A Therapeutic Tool Bridging Faith and Science


Presented by the Duke University Spirituality & Health Research Center
Join us next week for our monthly Duke University Spirituality & Health Research Seminar. Due to the pandemic, we are now holding these seminars virtually via Zoom rather than onsite. This will allow you to participate in this LIVE seminar wherever you are. There will be an opportunity to ask questions via the CHAT option on Zoom after the talk.
This month (to be held on February 23, 12:00-1:00 EST New York time) the title of the presentation is:
SPEARS: The Essence Space.
A Therapeutic Tool Bridging Faith and Science
by Karl Benzio, M.D.
Summary: For many, Faith and Science are opposites and Christian Psychiatry is an oxymoron. Being designed in the image of God as triune beings - spirit, mind, and body, - we’ve struggled to understand how these spheres integrate, and therefore, have not harnessed this power to renew our mind and transform our lives. But by combining some basics of psychiatric science with valuable spiritual truths, we can pull back the curtain and realize integration isn’t as complicated as we think. Decision making is the key which integrates these 3 spheres and unlocks some of these mysteries. But for most people, decision-making is more random than strategic which is why it’s easier to be a hearer of the word, but a lot harder to be a doer. I’ll share a tool that unpacks the mechanics of decision-making and infuses the spiritual sphere to harness the power of Neuroplascticity to enhance Practical NeuroTheology.
Presenter: Karl Benzio, M.D., board-certified psychiatrist, writer, frequent media guest, and speaker covering many Behavioral Health and social policy issues. Dr. Benzio has testified before the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, and the President’s Bioethics and Faith-based Initiatives Committees and taught in turbulent Iraq, Kenya, and Uganda. Combining his experiences as a physician (Body), psychiatrist (Mind), devoted Christ follower (Spirit), biomedical engineer (Duke), and an addict jailed for 6 counts of aggravated assault, Karl developed a cutting-edge BioPsychoSpiritual treatment model focusing on the Spiritual Discipline of Decision-Making which addresses the etiology and treatment of Behavioral Health struggles: Practical NeuroTheology. In 2017, Karl co-founded Honey Lake Clinic, a unique Christian residential treatment facility implementing his unique integration of cutting-edge science and Biblical principles equipping patients to better steward their neuroplascticity thus facilitating God’s psychospiritual healing producing transformed lives. He just formed the Commission for Christian Psyche Excellence to re-ignite the Behavioral Health Revolution Jesus started.
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Time: Feb 23, 2021 12:00-1:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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