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The 2nd Annual Resilient Church Conference (Glendale AZ)

Pure Heart Church

The 2nd Annual Resilient Church Conference (Glendale AZ)

Trauma, addiction & mental illness affect EVERYONE. It is the leading cause of years of life lost, exceeding cancer and heart disease combined. The faith community has begun to respond and an impact has been made, but these issues still remain the greatest silent epidemic of modern society. Please join us!

Hosted by Pastor Dan Steffen of Pure Heart Church in collaboration with Pastor Sanghoon Yoo (The Faithful City) front-runner in the Arizona Trauma-Informed Faith Community movement.

Friday, February 8th, 2019

8:30AM – 4:30PM

Pure Heart Church (14240 N 43rd Avenue Glendale, AZ 85306)

Cost: $25.00 


Resilient Church Conference 2019 Speakers and Presenters

8:40 – 9:20     

“ACEs Children & the Trauma Informed Community Movement”

Maria Cristina Fuentes

Director, Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family


Marcia Stanton, MSW

Phoenix Children’s Hospital



9:20 – 10:00   

“Trauma Informed Church, Addiction & Recovery”

Dan Steffen

Senior Pastor, Pure Heart Church


Lee Pioske

CEO, The Crossroads



10:10 – 10:50 

“Mental Health, Trauma & Culture”

Aubrey Barnwell

Senior Pastor, First New Life Church


Charity Northan, MS, MA

CEO, Faith Solutions to Mental Health


 10:50 – 11:20 

“Science of Trauma“

Robert Rhoton, Psy.D

CEO, Arizona Trauma Institute


 11:30 – 12:15 

“Trauma Informed System Care & Faith Journey”

Becky Haas

Ballad Health Care, Tennessee

Author “Your City is Waiting on You”


Andrea Clements, Ph.D

Professor, Eastern Tennessee State University


 12:15 – 12:30 

“Arizona Trauma Informed Faith Community Movement (AZTIFC)”

Brenda Cochran, LCSW, PCPCC

Director, Counseling & Wellness at Pure Heart Church


Sanghoon Yoo, MSW, MDiv

Founder, The Faithful City & AZTIFC


 1:30 – 3:00     

Panel Discussions

“Pastors & Church Leaders”

Moderator: Dan Steffen, Senior Pastor at Pure Heart


Aubrey Barnwell, Senior Pastor at First New Life

Mark Buckley, Senior Pastor at Living Streams

Ryan Nunez, Senior Pastor at Palm Valley



Moderator: Brenda Cochran, Director of Counseling & Wellness at Pure Heart

Panelist: Team from Pure Heart

Todd Chambers


Katrina Harrell


Rhonda Lake


 Larissa Bloom



“Community Leaders”

Moderator: Sanghoon Yoo, Founder of The Faithful City & AZTIFC

Andrea Clements, Professor at Eastern Tennessee State University


Alok Ghodke, Associate Minister at The Faithful City


Becky Hass, Trauma Informed Care Administrator at Ballad Health


Terrilyn Miller, Director of Faith at Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family


Marcia Stanton, Co-Founder of Arizona ACE Consortium


Hayley Winterberg, Recovery System Liaison at Magellan


3:00 – 4:30     

AZTIFC Track (Breakout) Workshops


“Addiction & Recovery”         

Eddie Fisher

Director of National Business Development and Community Outreach

ClearFork Academy


Michael Bills

Men’s Chemical Dependency Group at Pure Heart

Owner of NC Construction


Sam Burba

Direct of Substance Abuse, Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith and Family



“Addiction & Harm Reduction”        

Angie Geren, APP, CHt

CEO, Addiction Haven


Dave Cooke, MBA

CEO, 100 Pedals, Inc. and The Cooke Group, LLC


Tripti Choudhury

Program Manager, BRAVE Community



“Children, ACEs & Foster Care”        

Katie O’Dell

CEO, AZ 127


Jill Stamm, Ph.D

Brain Specialist and Trainer, Arizona Children’s Association


Rebecca Leimkuehler

Principal, Holiday Park Elementary School



“Court System & First Responders” 

Jessica Nicely

CEO, Winged Hope


Lori Robinson, MSW

Trauma Informed Care Trainer, City of Tempe)


Betsy Wraight

Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department



“Healing the Whole Person – Clinical Perspective”

Brenda Chchran, Katrina Harrell, Rhonda Lake, Todd Chamber (Pure Heart Counseling and Wellness Center)



“Historical Trauma & Cultural Competence”

Iya Affo

Red Mountain Behavioral Health


Shomari Jackson, MPA

Project Manager, South Mountain WORKS Coalition


Jeff McGee, Ed.D

CEO, Cross Cultural Dynamics



“Human Trafficking & Abuse”         

BilliJoy Carson

CEO, Kick At Darkness


Brenda Gifford

Founder, R.A.T Race


Shanell Bender

Coordinator, Mending The Soul



“Mental Illness & Family Support”  

Charity Northan, MS

CEO, Faith Solutions to Mental Health


Jill Hogan

Family Support Trainer, Mental Health Grace Alliance


Obadiah Madsen, MA, CPRP, CPS

Stand Together And Recover Centers



“Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy”         

Bill Stewart

Chaplain, Pure Heart Church


Joel Larson, MDiv, MAHS, BCC

Chaplain, Aurora Behavioral Health


Michael Donnelly, MPA, PC

Pastor of Care and Counseling, Bethany Bible Church



“Refugees & Migration”         

Bonnie Lloyd

Pastor at Church For The Nations, Phoenix Refugee Connections


Jennifer Muriithi

Director, Tapestry


Bikonzi (Refuge Survivor)



 “Spiritual Formation & Mindfulness”         

Antoinette Donnelly

Director of Training and Innovation, Family Involvement Center


Heather Ryan, RN, BSN

Mindfulness Director, Neighborhood Ministries


LuAnn Roberson, RN, BSN

Spiritual Director, Spiritual Formation Society of Arizona



“Veterans & Moral Injury”         

Scott Clark

Captain US Army Retired, CRU Military Volunteer


Joan McCarthy, LCSW

Owner & Clinician, McCarthy Counseling & Consultation


Michael Wold

Regional Coordinator, Institute for Healing of Memories North America



“Severely Mentally Ill and Advocacy” at Courtyard Kiosk

Nancy Barto

State Representative




14240 N. 43rd Avenue Glendale, AZ. 85306

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