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PACEs in the Faith-Based Community

As a piece of my doctoral project, I am going to create a curriculum for training ministry volunteers and professionals for working with emotionally disturbed children. My advisor has suggested that I ask this forum if there is a clinically validated measurement tool that I could add to my own assessment process.


Has anyone come across such a measurement tool? I am looking for a survey that I could give to parents and children before and after engagement with a trauma-informed ministry that seeks to engage them in developing family-based interventions that (hopefully) increase their involvement in a faith community.


Thank you for any help or direction you might provide!


Chris Haughee, chaplain



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Hi Chris,

     I recently ran into an old acquaintance, who's now working at the National Center for PTSD, where their database has just about any known assessment instrument, probably with some notes about its efficacy. While his project is separate from the Library & Database, he may very well be able to be of some help.

     I noticed, after I started this note, that you included your email address at the bottom of your note. I'll try to send you particulars. In the meantime, If you go to their website, scroll down the left hand column, to "Professionals", click on it, another menu with "Assessment & Measurement Tools" or something to that effect should pop up:   (Best Regards, Bob Olcott)

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