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Raising Resilience Summit


On January 9, the Raising Resilience Summit brought together leaders from multiple professional disciplines to advance a comprehensive approach to promoting the social and emotional health of children and their families, and to plan and build cross-sector prevention actions. Working together we can raise resilience in our children and families to grow a healthier community.

To all who attended the Raising Resilience Summit, thank you for your active participation and contributions. It was an amazing day of cross-sector collaboration, and we appreciate all of you taking time from your schedules to be part of a day of insight, discussion, and action. The objectives for the day were ambitious, and through your participation we worked together to: 

  • Establish a common conceptual understanding of whole child health and the need for prevention efforts;
  • Build cross-sector collaborations; and
  • Identify actions that will advance and drive prevention efforts within and across organizations to promote the social and emotional health of children and their families.

To keep the conversations and actions going, we encourage you to join the Finger Lakes ACEs Connection website. It is free to join, and materials from the Summit are available in the Raising Resilience Summit blog section.

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