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Families Over Facilities: Ending The Use of Harmful and Unnecessary Institutions and Other Group Facilities in Child Welfare Systems []

From Children's Rights, March 2021 At any given time, there are approximately 42,823 children housed in institutions and other group facilities. Institutionalizing children denies them loving homes and robs them of their childhood. Families over Facilities is a call to action to end the unnecessary institutionalization of children in child welfare. The report details the physical, mental and emotional harm done to children in group settings, the significant unnecessary taxpayer costs...

New York City's Mistaken Child Welfare Priorities []

By Anne Williams-Isom and Benita R. Miller, The Imprint, March 22, 2021 Once again , New York City is reeling from the murder of a child. The circumstances around the killing of 10-year-old Ayden Wolfe are eerily familiar – a vulnerable mother, a new partner with a history of violence and the loss of an innocent child. Once again, there is a mad scramble by city officials to evaluate potential loopholes in procedures or failures to follow processes. Neighbors and family are asking themselves...

7 Positive Childhood Experiences (PCE's) that Shape Adult Health and Resiliency – Illustrated []

By Lindsay Braman,, March 11, 2021 By now, most counselors, pediatricians, teachers, and other people who work with children know about ACES: The “Adverse Childhood Experiences” scale. ACE’s predict , based on measuring the number of traumatic or adverse events experienced, which kids are likely to struggle developmentally and emotionally as they mature. (You can take the ACES quiz here ). New results from a survey based on a study of 6188 adults at Johns Hopkins shows that...

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Research/speaker to share sides of foster youth independence and resiliency

For each year's Foster Care Awareness Month, we pick a theme or topic to bring awareness to and to discuss among students within UC Davis Guardian Scholars Program. This year the title is "The Diary of the Independent, Resilient Foster Youth". We are aiming to highlight how former foster youth build skills and gain sense of independence and resiliency while also feeling isolated and alone or feeling the pressure to "do it all" by themselves. We are looking for a speaker that can address this...Read More...
Does anyone know of communities who send a clinician to serve the child (trauma, psychological first aid, etc) when a social service/child protective service team member goes out for a "removal" from a family and move into foster care or kinship care? Someone to focus on the needs of the child, instead of the inevitable negotiations, information-gathering, packing, and management of the parent/guardian? I know I've heard of communities who do this across the country. Having a hard time...Read More...
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Hello, Everyone, I am co-editor of a new publication on, to be launched in March 2020. Collective Power is the written arm of Home for Good , a collective organization recently launched after 6 years of planning. HFG began when our founders asked themselves, "What would a system that reflects our love for our children look like?" HFG's mission is to transform the trauma too often perpetuated by the various helping systems, among the people they purport to help—whether the...Read More...
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Cross Culture/Loss of Culture in Foster Care

Hello everyone, I'm looking for a video or a great resource/article about the impact of adapting to different cultures and/or losing sense of their own culture while in foster care and the long-term impact of this. We are doing a discussion/student panel during Foster Care Awareness Month. A video or article may assist in the discussion. Thank you in advance!Read More...
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