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Association of Work Requirements With Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation by Race/Ethnicity and Disability Status, 2013-2017 []


By Erin Brantley, Drishti Pillai, and Leighton Ku, JAMA Network Open, June 26, 2020

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Question  What are the associations between work requirements and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation for the overall target population and subpopulations?

Findings  In this pooled cross-sectional study of 866 000 low-income US adults, work requirements were associated with a 4.0 percentage point decrease in participation for the target population of childless adults without disability, with reductions in participation of 7.2 percentage points for non-Hispanic black adults, 5.5 percentage points for Hispanic adults, and 2.6 percentage points for non-Hispanic white adults within this group. There was also a 4.0 percentage point decrease for childless adults with disability.

Meaning  These findings suggest that Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program work requirements are associated with decreased participation for subpopulations who have greater rates of food insecurity.

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