ACEs in Foster Care

We advocate for the bio/psycho/social well being of foster children. We recognize, acknowledge and validate the trauma endured by children placed in foster care. We embrace the capacity of healing and ultimate recovery for foster children with family, community and professional support.

Commentary: A fresh start for former foster-care youths []


This piece is a wonderful commentary showcasing a solution story out of Philledelphia where a coffee shop is creating a sense of community, job-skills, and life-skills for young adults formerly placed in foster care. The Monkey and the Elephant is a shining example of doing right by foster alumni, and bringing hope to ending intergenerational cycles of trauma and adversity.

Sherreiff McCrae was 5 years old when he was placed in the care of a neighbor. Not long after, the Department of Human Services intervened, moving Sherreiff to a group home. There he found stability and safety. But once he turned 18, he was on his own - no family, no education, no job.

Every day, America's foster care system cuts off social services to 60 young people like Sherreiff. They have become legal adults - but in many ways are woefully unprepared for the adult world.

What can one person do? Open a coffee shop.

Lisa Miccolis, a Wayne native, founded The Monkey & The Elephant, a nonprofit coffee shop in North Philadelphia that employs young adults who have lived in foster care.

Click here to read the entire piece by Rosemary McDonough.

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