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Connecting Families to Community Resources: Lessons Learned


“It needs to be familiar”
“And immediate”
“Has to feel comfortable to access”
“Yes, personal to the family”
“They have to be able to connect easily”
“Right. It has to be useful”

When the Ready4K content team sat down to create a trauma-informed curriculum, they knew they had to address all 5 Protective Factors. After careful consideration and analysis the team knew they could address the first 4 factors in specific and actionable ways through our Fact, Tip, Growth messaging.

But the fifth, concrete supports, felt like it needed something different.

How could we, a national program provider, share concrete supports in times of need with individual families in diverse communities? What would it look like to send families messages that would meet this bar?

And so the brainstorming began...

Read the article for tips on getting the right concrete supports into families' hands in a way that will encourage your community members to use them.

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