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We advocate for the bio/psycho/social well being of foster children. We recognize, acknowledge and validate the trauma endured by children placed in foster care. We embrace the capacity of healing and ultimate recovery for foster children with family, community and professional support.

Failed by Montana's foster care, man succeedes despite long odds []


Schylar Canfield Baber remembers everything about the moment he was taken away from his family.

“I can remember the police raid on our trailer,” Schylar said. “I can remember my footie pajamas, the feel of my feet along the ground as I walked to the police car. I can remember my mother being placed over another police car and being handcuffed, and she got smaller as the car pulled away.”

He was 6 years old. One of his few photos from that period, showing him and his little brother smiling and wearing matching shirts, used to be one of his favorites. But now he notices the bruises on his brother’s head and his own full set of metal teeth. His parents claimed he fell off a picnic table.


That police raid when he was 6 started Schylar’s journey into Montana’s foster care system, a system that failed him repeatedly.

Despite that failure, Schylar’s story offers inspiration and hope. Thanks to his love of school and the support of his community, he found success in life.

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