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Federal Legislation would reduce poverty & fund caregiving


Families are providing more unpaid caregiving than ever. Parents and those who care for family members are essential workers - we must support them. 

A pending bill in Congress, the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act, would help. Family and Home Network has endorsed this bill (I'm the organization's executive director).

Please take action now - Congress will be back in session for just a short time, and families are desperate for help. 

This call for support is issued by the Global Women’s Strike, Women of Color Global Women’s Strike and the Every Mother is a Working Mother Network:

Policymakers are starting to take note of what we’ve always known – that mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers are also essential workers, counted on for everyone’s survival but not paid for this work.

The Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act, WRCR HR5271, introduced by Reps Gwen Moore (WI) & Marcia Fudge (OH), would expand the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) to make it fully refundable and available to more people, including mothers and other unwaged primary caregivers, and get cash directly into mothers’ and families hands. It redefines workers to include unpaid family caregivers & students.

We urge you to join with us in supporting this historic bill, help alleviate the poverty of women and children, particularly but not only Black, Indigenous, Latinx and other women and children of color, and finally recognize mothers and other unwaged caregivers as workers with financial support.

Read more, and endorse here: Endorse the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act.

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