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This article provides a nice example of how communities can support children and families through donations to their local child welfare agencies. In my opinion, child welfare systems can’t run effectively without caring and compassionate support from the communities these systems serve. There are many organizations in communities across the country who provide hygiene supplies, bags and suitcases, pajamas, clothing, comfort items and other essentials to be provided to children entering the foster care system, sometimes without anything but the clothes they put on that morning.

One of the many memories from my time on the line was when I was spending time with a little girl who was waiting for her social worker to finish the paperwork required to place her in a foster home. I offered this little girl a new pair of character pajamas and other essentials, all of which had been donated by kind-hearted community members much like the family referenced in the article below. Despite everything this little girl had experienced on that day, and in her life, those character pajamas gave her something to smile about and look forward to. Although she was facing a lot of uncertainty and a lot of unknown, that small gesture from a compassionate community partner made everything a little better for this little girl on a very rough day.

Each year, thousands of children across the United States enter into the foster care system, and two local children are doing their part to ease the transition into a new home.

Through a program called Together We Rise, Phoebe Howerton and her brother Logan are collecting donations to make comfort bags for young children in the foster care system. The non-profit organization will send brand new bags and comfort items to the Howerton family, and they will distribute them to the local agency.

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