Health Status of Young Adult Mothers with a History of Child Welfare Involvement []

How many of you are aware of the disproportionate relationship between adolescent mothers and the child welfare system? As this research points out, although teen pregnancy is on the decline nation-wide, half of female youth who have current or previous involvement with child welfare also experience pregnancy by age 19 – and half of that number have experienced multiple pregnancies by this age.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital Philadelphia research institute looked at one Mid-Atlantic city to explore the prevalence of physical and mental/behavioral health conditions among young mothers with a relationship to the child welfare system… With the combination of multiple adversities, the vulnerable nature of child welfare involvement, and negative health and parenting outcomes, this is a population which deserves the attention of researchers.

Follow here to read the research summary and learn more about this studies initial findings, as well as recommendations for the direction of future research.


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